We're still enjoying mild days and cool nights but soon things will be heating up.  That's when the blankets will be packed away for summer and we'll all be looking for ways to stay cooler. rustic linen bed

Last year I explained how linen sheets retain a cool feeling in the summer and warmth in the winter.  Personally, I love how comfortable linen sheets are on a summer night, after a long day at work.  They're breathable, hypo allergenic and ideal when you want to sleep with blankets during the summer months.

linen patio shade

There's a wonderful little design blog, Linen and Lavender that features the beauty of linen in various aspects within the home.  She showcases how linen sheets can be used outdoors on a summer day, to shade your patio table.

white linen on line

One of my favorite things in the summer is seeing crisp, white linen sheets blowing in the breeze.   There's something beautiful about the way the light hits linen hanging on the line.

serene bedroom with linen

Linen is a long lasting fabric, that becomes softer with use.  It's a strong, durable fabric that makes gorgeous summer curtains, allowing the brilliant sunlight to flow into your room.  Have fun discovering the beauty and natural essence of luxurious linen.