Belgian linen, with proper care, is a long lasting fabric.  Everything from washing, drying and storing your linens can effect the fabric.   In fact, over time your linen will become softer and more lustrous, giving you something that can be passed down through several generations. organized linen closet

Because unfinished wood can stain your linen over time, you do want to consider how you store all your sheets, table cloths and napkins.   Martha Stewart has some excellent tips on how to organize and store your linens.

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She recommends sorting your linen by season and/or room; creating mini stacks rather than towers of sheets.    You'll also want to paint or line your shelves, before placing the linen back into the closet.  If you don't have these options then make sure you place the linens in baskets or bins for long term protection of the fibers.

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Now that you've prepared your stacks and shelves, simply place back inside the closet and you're done.   However, if you want to keep everything organized by season, plan to rotate the linen based on the time of year.

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Now that your closet is organized all you have to do is clean them according to recommended standards.   Our website, Linens by Didriks has excellent tips on how to properly clean your linen for a lifetime of use.

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Libeco Belgian Linens are a high quality, luxurious linen that will provide you and your family years of comfort.  Their linen fabric is ideal for all seasons, since it's a breathable fabric that is also hypo-allergenic.   To learn more about the benefits of linen, read From Flax to Linen.