Malibu's Aquatic Check Brings Youthful Flare to the Bedroom

As your bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, linen bedding selections play a large role in creating the ambiance you want. If you are looking for a youthful print for a teenager's room, or wanting to add a little summertime energy to your own bedroom, the Malibu bed linen collection from Libeco Home has a colorful, youthful check print that will do just the trick.  

Libeco Home Malibu Pillow Sham without Flange

Just a little hint. If you are interested in adding just a hint of Malibu to your sleeping space, the pillow shams and pillow cases are all you need. They have plenty of color accents -- denim blue, purple, yellow, aqua, and even a hint of red, which makes them easy to pair with a solid duvet cover.

The whole kit and caboodle. If you want to go all out, the Malibu duvet cover will add the vintage beach vibe you are looking for, and still pairs well with a variety of existing design accents.

If you are already a collector of Libeco Home linen bedding, you'll be pleased to notice this print pairs well with both the Wyoming and the Santiago linen bedding collections.

Libeco Home's Wyoming collection

Slip between your Malibu bed linens and surf away to dreamland.