One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a complete makeover is by changing the bed linens.  You quickly can change the vibe that’s emanating from the room with the right fabrics and color palettes. If you are looking to create a more modern feel to your bedroom, consider monochromatic linens with little to no patterns.  The Basics collection is a great choice.  The collection features solid, soft colors that can be mixed or matched with other solids.

The Basic Collection


Achieving a more eco-friendly look, can be accomplished through linens with earthy tones and more rugged fabrics.   This color palette is generally void of deep hues and has more clay-like colors, softer greens and at times deep browns.  Great examples of these include the Santiago collection, which are rough-dried and have a slightly broken in feel.  You may also try the Victoria collection’s new Eco-Dark, which is untreated with chemicals or dyes. It’s pure eco-friendly style.

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