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Linen: An Excellent Choice for A Good Night's Rest

Bed Linenseric

A good friend of mine is allergic to just about everything in life. Ok, so I be overstating the mater, but she does have a great many allergies. Being  handy with the internet and of some discerning taste I began the hunt for some bedding that will allow my good friend a good night’s rest. After some research I found that sleeping in pure linen sheets will give the allergy sufferer a more comfortable night’s sleep. Made from pure flax these sheets are crisp and cool in the hot summer nights. Flax is a natural fiber and has particularly good absorbent qualities allowing absorption of perspiration during the night. It is also anti-static and resists dust. I thought this was especially perfect for her. All these qualities are particularly good for someone with asthma or allergies supposing of course that they are not allergic to flax. Fortunately, she is not.

I have found that the best quality linen comes from Western European sources. Belgium remains famous for growing and processing flax. Using superior quality fine flax yarns it is woven to a higher 1300 thread count than sheets from other countries; with yarns more densely packed the higher thread count enables a smoother finish and gives a more superior quality. Many mail order companies are selling more coarse sheets often made in Eastern Europe, sizes are often not as generous as weaving machines are smaller and sometimes these sheets even have a seam. So keep that in mind when shopping around, and don’t be afraid to call the shop.

Getting back to my friend’s bedding, linen sheets are hypo-allergenic and provide allergy sufferers with much needed comfort. They are also well known for their luxurious feel. Belgian sheets are much more affordable than the old fashioned boxed sheets we knew in the past enabling such luxury to reach the homes of everyone.

So, in the end she received her sheets and is getting a good night’s sleep thanks to some cool, soft and hypo-allergenic linen sheets.