Libeco Home Avignon Duvet Cover Luxurious, soft bed linens, like the options we provided at Linens by Didriks,  are designed to cover and decorate beds all over. To get the most comfortable, upscale, authentic dressing for the bed, you'll first have to know what you are looking for. Linens by Didriks offers all the pieces you need to make one glamorous bedroom. To make sure you have everything you need, we'll describe few terms you'll want to know before you purchase.

A bed skirt, frequently referred to as a dust ruffle, serves a utilitarian purpose. A bed skirt is a piece of fabric whose purpose is to conceal the box spring and legs of a bed. It also helps to prevent dust from clinging to the sides of mattresses.

A bed sheet with elasticized straps at the edges of each corner. It's also known as a fitted sheet. The snug corners hold the sheet in position over the mattress. A flat sheet or top sheet goes over the fitted sheet, creating an envelope for you to sleep in.

A duvet is a fabric used to hold a bed's comforter. The comforter keeps in the heat while you are lying in the bed.

Shams are used as a decorative covering for your bed pillows, and decorative pillows are will add pizazz and are normally shaped in the form of a solid cylinder, called bolsters, etc.