Today we are tackling one of the greatest mysteries of modern day housekeeping - how to fold a fitted sheet.  We know many of you have no problem rolling your linen sheets into a ball and shoving them  into a linen closet. However,these wonderful sheets deserve more than that! The experts at Real Simple magazine have broken the task into four easy steps so you have don't have an excuse not to carefully fold your best linen.

Step 1

Spread the sheet on a flat surface, fitted corners up

Step 2

Fold sheet in half horizontally, tucking the fitted top corners into the fitted bottom corners. If your sheet has gathered sides, tuck them into each other, too. Smooth the edges flat.

Step 3

Fold the sheet lengthwise so that all four fitted corners are on top of one another. Again, slide the top set of corners into the bottom set

Step 4

Fold the sheet in half again, and fold over the smooth end to finish. For a smaller bundle, fold again.

Adapted from Real Simple Magazine.

Give this technique a try then leave a comment to let us know if these four simple steps work. We'd love to hear from you.