Ready to pull the trigger on a bedroom overhaul but aren't sure what you want to do for your bed linens? White linen bedding is both versatile and classic. Let's take a look at luxurious bedroom examples that make you want to stroll on in and surround yourself in comfort. design-happens-white-bedding-tan-walls400x305

Whites and neutrals. If you enjoy decorating with neutral tones, white is the ideal backdrop. You can change accessories, pillow shams, or repaint furniture when you are ready for a color change. Look at the way the white linen bedding in this guest bedroom makes the soft robin egg blue accents stand out.


masculine gray linen bedroom

Modern masculinity. Boys and men gravitate towards darker shades, like greys, blues, and black. But without a sense for moderation, they can end up with a gothic cave effect, rather than a stylish or comfortable ambiance. White linen bedding can add the visual space required to transform a grey-themed room into a room with modern, stylish masculinity.



Traditionally crisp linens. For many of us, the term "fresh, clean sheets" forms an instant image of a perfectly made bed using crisp white linens. If that sounds familiar, you can never have enough of these Classic Geneva Flatsheets or the Classic Victoria Belgian Linen sheets by Libeco Home. The only drawback is your guests might cut the evening short in order to slip into bed a little earlier.

Whether you are looking for traditional white bed sheets, or high-quality duvet covers for your summer bedroom transformations, Linens by Didriks has them all.