Bed linens in fabrics and blends that are environmentally friendly continue to increase in popularity. And eco-linens are becoming easier to find, including on Linens by Libeco Home Victoria Pillowcase

Buyers are starting to realize  that certified organic linens have the same properties as conventional linens; the plus side to organic is that it is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers. At, we know you will enjoy  Libeco Home's classics collection, which has the Eco-Dark linens.

These linens have not been treated with chemicals or dyes, and they are perfect for anyone and ideal for those who want to enjoy bed linens in  ecology-driven way with in a unique style. All of the Eco-Dark fabrics, including the pillow cases, are finished with a small open hemstitch and 100 %  linen. For more options, visit  for a bevy of eco-friendly choices.