Libeco Home Pillow Covers It's easy to give your pillows and cushions the upgraded feel of a cozy pillow during the winter months. On Libeco Home offers copious options of upholstery-grade linen covers to transform your pillows to the comfortable, beautiful decor. We suggest starting with the Libeco Home Flagstaff Pillow Cover, which is 100% Belgian linen and has a zippered closure and a broad mitred hem.   The Albany cushion pillow cover has a simple flap opening to insert the cushion, and for added detail the Broome cushion pillow cover features a button closure. You'll find that by switching and swapping pillows covers, you can easily bring the soft touch of linen into the living space. For the right pillow cover that fits your sofa or bed, simply explore the choices available at Belgian Linen offered by Linens by Didriks.