Celebrate the Olympics with Red, White and Blue Linens

The Olympics are a huge part of the American spirit, and have a power that can unite the entire world for a few short weeks. This year the great athletic event will begin FridayJuly 27, 2012, and end SundayAugust 12, 2012. Those of us at Didriks are as excited as ever to see world class athletes from the United States and all over the globe perform in their respective events, and we want to share some of our enthusiasm with you - by way of beautiful linen products, of course! We carry a variety of colorful linens, including an array of linens in red, white and blue. Perhaps you'd like to cheer on team U.S.A with all red, white and blue linens from Didriks and Belgian Linens? To help foster the pride and spirit of these great games, take a look at our staff picks that really showcase the patriotic color combo. If you have ideas beyond what we've included here, we'd love to see them! Share them on Facebook and continue the conversation.

Go Team U.S.A!

Vence Table Linens

Vence Table Linens

Libeco Fjord Table Linens

Photos via Didriks