There's a reason people love to escape to countryside Bed & Breakfasts; they transport us to a simpler time and place when nature was revered, household decor was cozy and homemade, and time seemed to move at a slower place. You can experience that same reverence for simple luxury in your own home by adding country cottage elements to your bedroom. Country Cottage Inspired Linens for the Home 1. Cozy Flannel Wintry Nights. There is that extra special moment when fall shifts to winter and all of a sudden the cotton sheets are cold to the touch.'s time for flannel. Every country cottage has a soft plaid flannel print sheet set saved especially for winter. That soft flannel look is now available as a luxurious linen duvet cover made from 100% Belgian linen. Your bed will look so comfortable you might have to rediscover the joys of the afternoon nap.

2.  It's Dream Time. If you ever had trouble sleeping before, simply slip one of these soft linen pillow cases over your pillow cover and dream away. The warm plaid flannel print incorporates soft autumnal tones, reminding you that hibernation season is just around the corner.

3. Comfort Times Three. These country cottage-inspired pillow shams will complete the set and serve as a reminder of the delightful comforts which await you as soon as you can slip away from the hubbub and hop between the sheets.

Would you enjoy relaxing in your bedroom a little more if it reminded you of a country cottage? Let us know in the comments section.