Beautiful Versatile Linen is for Everyone


Linen is a timeless textile that can be quite difficult to manufacture but is very versatile. You can drape yourself in it for walks on the beach at sunset or just cover every inch of you luxurious pillow top bed with an elegant high thread count linen bed set. No matter who you are your lifestyle there is a beautiful linen for just about every space in your life. If you are looking for a soft yet durable linens where you can forget all your day's worries and beautifully decorate your home, look no farther. These important features are found in all types of bed linens that are extremely soft and make the space speaks for itself because of their color, quality and softness. It is up to you to decide on what fits your lifestyle.

When discussing and shopping for linen it important to remember that “linen” is often used as a term to describe other fibers that are made into a “linen style” textile. So, it is appropriate to ca Egyptian Cotton and other woven (or even some knit) fibers linen. Egyptian cotton is considered as one of the highest quality of cotton grown in Egypt along the banks of River Nile. The length of the staple can be from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches making this cotton in the category of extra-long-staple (ELS). From long staples, very fine, strong and lustrous yarn is spun. There are a handful things like bed sheets, bed linen, hand towels, quilt covers, tablecloths that are made from Egyptian cotton.

Now as a consumer how to buy Egyptian cotton linen can be a tough question that may lead you to a lower quality. When shopping for Egyptian cotton linen be sure to keep the following things in mind:

100% pure Egyptian cotton linen comes from Egypt only. Be sure to look for the Egyptian cotton logo on these linens that contains white cotton plant in the dark triangle.

Also while buying linen of this cotton make sure to check how much is the percentage of Egyptian cotton used. Linen from 100% Egyptian cotton will be more soft and durable than any other percentage.

Always be sure to check the thread count. Thread cotton is defined by the number of threads per square inch of the linen. Thread count will have lengthwise as well as width-wise threads. 200 is considered as a good number for thread count.