For millennia, the only baby carrier in existence was a length of handwoven fabric. Next, the era of strollers and car seat-styled baby carriers prevailed. Now, many mothers are going back to the past, realizing most babies are happier, and less prone to fussing, when worn close to the mother's body. The linen blog baby wearing

You can make your own baby carrier using a length of natural or linen fabric. Linen is an ideal material because it's breathable, which keeps the baby from over heating. It's also durable, and can be easily washed and dried. Be wary of synthetic materials. In addition to the chemicals involved in their production, they can be too stretchy and are less durable than their natural and linen counterparts.

The linen blog baby wearing

Baby Wearing International is a wonderful resource for learning about the different baby wearing styles that are used around the world. You and your baby can experiment with different versions to find what works best for you. Before you make anything on your own, use a long length of linen fabric to try different styles.

  • Wrap around styles are very popular, especially for those first few months when a newborn loves to be tucked against their mother's chest.
  • Linen also works well for the popular ring sling, which can be used traditionally, or can be modified to wear baby on your hip or back when she gets older.


There's nothing sweeter than knowing your baby is content, and close enough to kiss, as you go about your daily routine.