Looking for a new medium for an upcoming art project? Let us direct your attention towards the many benefits of linen fabric. Linen is one of the most desired fabrics for artists' canvases, and has been used by painters for thousands of years. flax plants

It's natural. Artists are often in tune with Mother Nature, and dedicated to preserving the planet's resources. Linen is derived from the flax plant. It's 100% natural fiber, and woven together to form canvases of any size or shape.

Libeco linen fabric

Beautiful texture. Textural components are another benefit of using linen canvas material for art projects. Linen weave can be selected in various weights, textures and finishes, from smooth to rough. The weave patterns can be seen through multiple layers of paint, adding a rich depth to the finished art work.

Didriks libeco linen fabric

Durability. Linen is considered the most durable canvas material. It's more decay resistant than other natural canvas options. The warp and weft threads are relatively equal in weight, which makes them less prone to the expansion and contraction that can occur over time, via changes in moisture. It also retains its natural oils, which keeps it more supple and prevents it from the breaks, rips and tears that can occur in more brittle fabrics.

Heavy handed painters will enjoy the strength linen provides, without being stretched, weakened, or becoming slack on the canvas frame.

Are you looking for durable linen fabric for your art canvases? Linens by Didriks has a wide range of linen available for your next masterpiece.