This time of year is quite popular for mini weekend getaways. You may be traveling to see friends and family as the holidays approach. Or maybe you just need a break from the usual to unwind. No matter what your need for traveling is, you mustn't depart without the right accessories! That's where Linens by Didriks comes in. Our new line of Libeco Home Linen Stellenbosch Weekend Bags would be perfect for your weekend travels!

  • 100% pure Belgian Linen
  • Five different models are available, each of which is made of sturdy linen canvas that's completely resistant to dirt and water.
  • Finish is made of high-quality leather.

Don't settle for traveling with the same beat up bag you've had since college. It's time to upgrade so you can finally travel in style! Click here to order your Stellenbosch Weekend Bag now!