The cold and snowy weather has everyone ready to flee to the airport for the nearest tropical location. So now that you're thinking about a warm winter vacation, get a few stylish linen travel accessories to take on your journey. When you are just escaping for a weekend, there's no need for bulky heavy luggage that you have to lug up airport staircases and through a maze of terminals. A simple and elegant linen weekend bag can be the pleasantly light solution you need for a quick getaway.

For your second travel tote, you need something lighter than your main travel bag. A travel tote will help you keep up with those small but important items like your passport, boarding pass and those hotel reservations.

Another neat little item that could be good to take on your weekend trip is a notebook. If you are just going on a weekend trip, time is limited. In your notebook you can jot down your own little itinerary for the trip.

Maybe there is a popular restaurant you want to dine at, or a famous museum you'd like to see. Write down your plans or ideas so you can get the most out of your trip.

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