libeco-virginian-throw Just before the company arrives, there's always that last minute dash as you put things right. This is the moment where some are reminded of their seeming inability to complete the simplest of tasks: drape a linen throw over the chair, sofa or ottoman. Folding it can look too prissy, draping it can appear too messy. So, what is the secret to those perfect throws we see online?

Fortunately, Lisa Frederick at took the plunge and taught herself the art of the fold, and she has shared her tips with the rest of us.

  • Go easy on the folds. Too often, our error is in trying to be too perfect. Military folds can give a forced look, rather than a relaxed one. By making your folds looser, and letting the throw blanket fall a little more naturally, it changes the look for the better. Adding an accent pillow on top completes the look.
  • Trust the cascade. A bulkier material, such as a sheepskin, or thick linen throw can cascade onto the floor. Again, adding an accent pillow in the corner will help it to remain anchored in place, and set off the look.
  • Keep between the lines. If your living space is created around the ideas of definition, using lines, order or geometric patterns, you may want to keep throw blankets neatly folded and squared with the chair or sofa lines to keep with the theme.
Source: Annette English via Houzz

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