The Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac is Great for Shopping

The surge of interest in green living has encouraged us to reintroduce the Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac. Retailers offer shopping bags made from recycled materials to reduce the use of plastic bags, but often times these bags are not particularly fashionable. That's why the Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac is the perfect solution for your shopping needs. These bags come in a variety of colors; you can change your bag to coordinate with your look like any other accessory. You might look at the Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac and think it's too pretty for shopping, but these bags are sturdy and made with wear resistant-linen. They also ease the pressure placed on your back and shoulders with a lightweight leather shoulder strap. We love the Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac because it stands! How many times have you taken your bags out of the cart and placed them on the ground to open the car and your groceries spilled in the parking lot? If it's happened once, that's one too many times. So, check out the Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac for all of your shopping needs.  Shop happy, Shop cute!

  • Provence
  • Red
  • Paprika
  • Vison
  •  Navy

You can shop the entire Libeco Home collection at Didriks online or in store.