Spring is in the air and with it comes the latest interior design trend: stripes! It seems that stripes are popping up all over the place from au courant beachwear, to trendy place settings and every other item in the house. This last detail is especially noticeable in the fabrics that people are choosing for their homes. libeco-cambridge-stripe-500

Rugs, bathroom sets and of course, bedroom linens are all erupting in stripes this year. Stripes have always been a favorite of designers in every industry as they easily lend themselves to a variety of styles and decors. A striped pattern is equally at home on a minimalist, glass and metal couch as it is on a traditional, wooden four-poster bed.


The true beauty of stripes is their versatility. You can mix and match broad stripes with thin ones, cross patterns with diagonals and as many colors and textures as you can think of. It is not so much a matter of choosing to use a stripes, but of choosing which one(s).

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The simple fact is that stripes can be quirky or classic; a reminder of a raucous carnival tent or of the serene beauty of boat stripes from a day on the ocean. Regardless of where your artistic muse takes you, consider the beauty and versatility of stripes. They are not just another passing interior design trend...they are here to stay.