Linen is a versatile textile, used for virtually every material-based furnishing. If you prefer to craft your own linen creations, Linens by Didriks sells Belgian linen fabric by the yard. We offer a full line of Libeco Home's fabric in custom-ready lengths by specified width. belgian linen

All of our Libeco Home linen is grown, spun and woven in Flanders. We feel it is the most luxurious and durable linen fabric on the market. It looks wonderful as upholstery on a favorite family room chair, and just as well when neatly folded on the most elegant of dining room tables.

Here are some ideas for linen crafts you can make for your own home, or to give away as gifts.

Stockings. You can make beautiful heirloom stockings from new or re-purposed linen fabric. Linen is ultra durable. Can you create a hem strong enough to withstand the weight of Santa's bounty?

Children's clothes. When kids are dressed in linen, they can run, jump, play as much as they want since linen fabric holds up to repeated washes. Use a variety of new and vintage linens and fabrics to make beautiful children's clothing that can be worn to formal functions and on the playground.

Napkins. Looking for an original wedding gift. We love this idea from Martha Stewart. Buy the couple a gift from their registry, and then include your own homemade linen napkins.

greenwich-linen napkin

Please contact Linens by Didriks for assistance choosing Belgian linen for your upcoming projects.