This is the time of year when many of us are heading to the Cape for the weekend.  According to the Travel Channel, we have one of the best beaches in America and it's only an 1 1/2 drive from Cambridge.   With gentle breezes, mild temperatures and a world of seaside activities it's ideal to escape the city and unwind on the beach with friends. cape cod

If you're heading to the Cape you probably want to pack light; one bag that fits everything neatly without being too small.   In fact, I searched for a while, wanting to find a high quality, eco-friendly bag that could meet my weekend needs.  Well I was thrilled when Libeco Belgian Linen released its Stellenbosch Collection of travel accessories that are classic and timeless.

stellenbosch weekend bag

Libeco Linen has been producing these bags for a few years now and continue to design beautiful personal and travel accessories that make my life easy.  Their weekend bag is made from 100% Belgian linen and finished in durable leather.   They're dirt, sand and water resist which is perfect for trips to the Cape.

stellenbosch back pack

Other top quality accessories that are great for the beach is the back pack in a small and large size, as well as the tote.  These are great for pack sun care products, towels and beach toys for the kids.   If you're wanting weekend getaway luggage that makes packing and travel simple, visit Linens by Didricks, part of the elegant Didriks store.   This well known, home furnishings store in Cambridge carries the full line of Libeco Linens.  Enjoy Cape Cod this summer and pack efficiently with your stellenbosch collection.