Linen Totes for the Stylish Traveler

Will this summer season find you traveling near and far? If so, a stylish linen tote is just the thing to ensure your essentials are always close by, and that you have a carryall that's both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. Linens by Didriks offers linen totes for the casual beachcomber or the professional traveler.

Hit the beach. When it comes to enjoying the beach or lake, all you need is a hat, bathing suit, sunscreen and a few other essentials. The Beachcomber Shouldersac by Libeco is a relaxed linen tote that will hold everything you need. It comes in five color choices and it is a 91% linen, 9% polyamide blend, making it even easier to wash and go.

Libeco Home The Beachcomber Shouldersac

On the plane or in a car. We love the Libeco's Goya Shouldersac for plane flights and car travel. It's attractive, durable, and fits perfectly at your feet. Plus, the ingenious flat bottom keeps it upright when you set it down. It has plenty of room for everything you'd normally put in your purse, plus a little extra for a book, a bottle of water, and a camera.


In a boat. The original sailing tote is a neutrally colored tote that can handle the wear and tear of choppy water and heavy sun exposure. Speaking of sun, the exterior pockets make it easy to access your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Linen is a durable, natural fiber that wears and washes well, which is why we feel it makes the perfect fabric for a tote bag.