We love finding new, creative uses for linen. It's is a versatile fabric. Linen can be repurposed to suit any design need. Recently, we shared how linen fabrics can wrap the walls. Now we'd like to show you how it can be used as ceiling drapes, enhancing the mystique of your living space. The linen blog ceiling drape

Create a soft glow. With a long section of linen fabric, a few shower curtain rods, and a ladder, you can transform light from the most basic fixtures into a soft and dreamy glow. At Teal & Lime, Jackie shows how she used linen to temporarily hide two light fixtures she loathed. What started out as a temporary fix has become a permanent solution. The soft billowing linen, combined with diffused light, adds a whole new look to their entryway.

The linen blog ceiling drape

Ceiling drapes. Tracy is a stay-at-home mom is the UK who has used her time at home to become a shabby chic diva. She was inspired by the gathered ceiling drapes at a shop they visited while on vacation. She captioned the photos "beautiful and romantic." We agree, and think this same look would be perfect for a master bedroom, don't you?

The linen blog ceiling drape

Bedroom canopy. Using the same idea as Jackie's, you can create a canopy effect in a bedroom using linen fabric in a solid color, or a pattern. The billows create a soft look in an area that is usually comprised for four right angles.

What are your creative ideas for using linen fabric in the home?