Picture a sunny, breezy spring afternoon. You prepare a delicious lunch and head to the backyard, a favorite park, or a grassy meadow. The only thing needed to complete your ideal spring picnic scene is linen fabric that adds a splash of color and comfort for your dining experience. Libeco Home Bonnie Brae Collection

The Libeco Home Bonnie Brae Collection offers fresh, pastel-colored linens that add the perfect picnicking accent.

The Picnic Square. Picnics all begin with the same first step: the removal of your chosen picnic square from your picnicking basket, a quick snap of the wrists, and the billowy cascade as it settles down and forms a soft barrier between you and the earth. The Bonnie Brae picnic square comes in your choice of lemon yellow or aqua blue for a spot of color.

Linen Napkins. Believe it or not, there was a time when all napkins were made from sustainable materials. In addition to being timeless, and adding a classic element to any dining table (or blanket), linen napkins are durable, washable, and are one more step to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Consider using tea towels for an easy tie-on bib or extra coverage for little ones.

Linen by Didriks would love to see pictures of your family picnicking in linen fabric style.