In an era where "real mail" has been relegated to advertisements, coupon books and unsolicited catalogs, it's such a treat to receive a piece of mail that is hand-addressed especially to you. It's a gift of sorts, the moment of expectation is made especially memorable when an unusually crafty or elegant invitation is enclosed. If you are looking to create invitations unlike the run-of-the-mill paper versions, take a look at how linen fabric can be used to make a completely unique and unforgettable invitation for your special event. Libeco linen

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Things you'll need:

  • Ink Jet printer
  • Linen fabric
  • Heat-n-Bond paper
  • Card stock
  • Sharp scissors and/or paper cutter
  • Iron

Get started:

Create your design. You don't have to be a fancy graphic artist, PowerPoint will work just fine. Once your design is complete, size it appropriately. Consider invites that fit 2-per-page or 4-per-page for convenience.

1.  Trace and cut the appropriate number of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets on the Heat-n-Bond paper. 2.  Iron the sheets onto the linen fabric and cut them out. 3.  Feed them through your printer one at a time. Make sure to do a tester on a regular piece of paper first so you know it comes out correctly, and you know exactly which way to feed the linen sheets through. 4.  Peel off the paper backing and iron them to the card stock. 5.  Cut to size.


linen invite

Now you have a note-worthy invite that will impress guests and make memorable keepsakes. Contact Linens by Didriks for help selecting linen for your home projects.