If you were asked to conjure images of summer, we're guessing they would involve scenes like:

  • Picnics in a gorgeous setting, a plaid picnic square, baskets brimming with delicious food and ice cold lemonade.
  • Lazy afternoons spent lounging by the pool, followed by a early evening BBQ.
  • A sunny beach, colorful towels and shade umbrellas, sand castles and the sound/smell of the ocean.

Are we on the right track? If you look closely into each of those summer scenes, you'll notice they're laden with textiles: towels, pillows and cushions, throws, place settings, etc. These may be subtle, but they add splashes of color and the comforting barrier between you and the elements, so to speak.

When you are packing up for the picnic, or headed to the beach, make sure to include these summer must-haves to make your real-life summer scenes as picturesque as your imaginings.

libeco home beachcomber

The perfect tote. Linen fabric is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing. These Beachcomber Shouldersacs have plenty of room for beach-combing, picnic-packing, or to hold your towels, hats, and sunscreen. Their gender-neutral earth tones means everyone in the family can help you schlep the gear.

Libeco Longboard Throw Blanket

Lounging in style. Whether you're ready to hit the sand, or lounge by the pool, style and comfort are summer necessities. Pop a Longboard-inspired pillow or throw blanket in your bag and you can read, nap, or relax in an instant. The linen fabric is easy to wash and dry for next time. Linens by Didriks has your summer surf and turf dreams at heart.