It is really quite amazing what a few accents can do to change the atmosphere of a room. Take throw pillows for example. The timely replacement of these seemingly innocuous accessories can change the decor from a warm and cozy winter motif into a light and breezy spring one. Libeco Home The Longboard Pillow Cover with Zipper

In particular, linen pillows are ideal for creating this easy and affordable makeover. For instance, consider one such great design, the Longboard Pillow Cover, that we have available at Linens by Didriks. This classic navy blue linen pillow is accented by powder blue, old red, ochre and green stripes. It is ideal for incorporating the feel of the water and coolness into your home.

Santa Cruz Pillow Cover

Another great choice for revitalizing a room with a refreshing spring feel is the Santa Cruz Pillow Cover. It's beautiful pastel colors and distinctive stripes are just the right touch for removing those winter blues and replacing them with some springtime vitality.

Regardless of the linen pillows or other accessories that you choose to welcome in the new season, the design process is well worth the effort. It is easy, affordable and will pay dividends for years to come. While the seasons do change, they do so in a predictable and comforting manner. Start with spring, but continue to welcome each one in as the year progresses with new and ever-changing linen d├ęcor.