libeco-nottinghill-sham-500 The first step to getting a good night's sleep is investing in a comfortable mattress. The next item on the list: find a pillow that's perfect for the way you sleep!

This Pillow Tutorial 101 describes the different types of pillow fills and the sleepers they're suited for.

Natural fills. These pillows use down, feather or a combination of both. The higher the power, the more more height and fluff the pillow will have. These are best for side sleepers (look for high fill so your neck will be supported) and stomach sleepers (lower fill will keep your neck from angling upward). However, if you suffer from allergies, these might make you sniffly.


Synthetic fill. Made to mimic natural fill pillows, they are the most affordable option but don't last as long. However, they are hypoallergenic.

Poly-cluster fill. If you love down pillows but suffer from allergies, poly-cluster pillows are your new favorite sleep companion. Polyester clusters are coated with silicone to feel just like down.

Memory foam. Pillows made from memory foam are best for back and side sleepers. They are firm at first, but then slowly mold to your body's form for a perfect fit. Cover them with a linen pillow cover and you have the best of both firm and soft.


Foam pillows. These pillows are made to mimic memory foam using foam clusters. They work great for accent pillows.

Now all you need is a linen pillow cover and bedding to enjoy a good night's sleep that dreams are made of.