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Lately, we've been fascinated by all the creative ways DIY decorators are using linens to infuse their homes with style. We are firm believers that besides the fact that linen fabric is a natural and eco-friendly textile, its second best property is its versatility. Or, is the second greatest property its durability? Hmm. Either way, these ideas from Real Simple on how to make old linens new again, just go to show that linen is a must-have fabric in every home.

Linen Flanders placement

  1. Placemats. Take your old linen pillow shams and make them into placements. Here's what you do: press them nicely and lay them on the table. It's that simple. Best of all, since they are larger than a standard place mat, you won't even need a tablecloth.
  2. Reupholster. We think linen makes the perfect reupholstering fabric because its easy to clean and can handle daily wear. Reusing old linens is an even more brilliant idea. You can turn a linen tablecloth into new seat covers.
  3. Slipcovers. If you aren't up for reupholstering, linen sheets make ideal slipcovers for loveseats, couches and over-sized chairs. You just need a wooden spoon and a handful of safety pins.
  4. Photo album covers. Linen napkins can transform a boring or old photo album into a stylish coffee table showpiece.
  5. Aprons. A dishtowel can easily be converted into an apron using a wide ribbon, two large buttons, scissors, and a needle and thread. Click here for directions.

Libeco home bistro apron

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