Linen Kitchen Towels

The lovely lines that you purchased from Linens by Didriks are just divine. We know how much they mean to you, and how you want to make sure they stay beautiful for a long time. In order to keep linens fresh, you have to know how to be proactive, avoiding dust mites and accidents along the way. The 100% Belgian linens you get from us can last for years. Trust us. Just carefully maintain them throughout the time you use them. This blog will tell you how to maintain linens, and keep them looking gorgeous for years. Here are a few steps. Linen Kitchen Towels Available at Linens by Didriks

  • Clean the sides of your linen cabinets with an all-purpose cleaner when you remove all of the linens.
  • Wash linens if they smell dusty, dirty or moldy.
  • Dry them on a clothesline whenever possible, especially in the spring, summer or early fall.
  • Iron linens when they are still slightly wet on a medium to high setting so not to ruin any designs that may be on them.
  • Store your linens in a place that will not attract mildew, and furthermore, make sure the linens are completely dry before putting them away.
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