After months of bitter temperatures, inches upon inches of snow, and the hassle of bundling yourself up every time you step foot outside, there is a point during every winter that your mind finally transitions to the clean, fresh feeling of spring; setting off a yearning for when the temperatures make their gradual climb back up. There is no reason you cannot indulge your senses a little early and bring the airy feel of spring inside now. Use these hints to add spring to your home as the spring approaches:

  1. Change your dark winter curtains to a lighter material and perhaps something brighter in color.
  2. Alter your kitchen towels to patterns or designs that remind you of a warm picnic, combinations of white with red or blue are perfect for this.
  3. Consider replacing your bed linens with warmer tones.
  4. Substitute out some of your throw pillows and blankets, even rugs.
  5. Add flowers to your interior.

Give your interior decor a closer look. The winter months have a tendency to make people use rich, dark colors in their decorating, think about ways you can lighten the mood.

If you have the urge to make a change, but just don't quite know where to start, take a look at some of your favorite magazines. The pictures of beach houses and country homes, with their light, airy and open decor are great examples.


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