Head for the Beach with All the Linen Essentials

For many of us, summer just doesn't feel official until we have had a chance to slip off our shoes, walk on some piping hot sand, and immerse our feet in the cool water of an ocean or lake. It's a right of passage, so to speak. The first item of business is to pack up your gear, and for this you need a durable linen tote. We recommend the Original Sailing Tote by Libeco Home. It's big enough to hold everything you need for an afternoon of beach play: blankets, water bottles, hats, sunscreen, books, etc. The shoulder straps are long enough to be comfortably worn but short enough to be carried by hand.

Tote bag

Once you've unpacked your gear, it's time to set up the picnic. Serious beaching requires serious sustenance and the Surfers Stripe Tablecloth is a perfect sand barrier. The 69" x 138" option is plenty large enough to host both your food and your guests. The vintage surfboard-inspired design will make you feel like you're surfing, even if you aren't quite up for testing the waves just yet.


The Libeco Home line offers all of the linen essentials you need to head for the beach in style.