While Belgian linen is a beautiful compliment to any room in your home, it especially adds a touch of elegance to the powder room. Outlined below are several ways to use this high-end linen as a decorative accent in your powder room:

  • Decorative hand towels: Show your sense of style off to your guests by hanging linen hand towels in the powder room. This simple, soft detail will be greatly welcomed by your guests.


  • Linen lined baskets: Since baskets are not always easy on the eye, adding a touch of linen can improve the look as well as add a sense of order to your powder room.
  • Linen rugs: Beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, a linen rug is an ideal choice for your powder room.


  • Displayed on the counter: Have an assortment of beautiful linen towels awaiting your guests on the counter-top of your bathroom

What decorative ideas do you have for incorporating linen into your powder room?