In addition to your core home textiles, like bedding and table linens, linen can be used as a decor accent around the home. It adds a timeless quality to any design and has the ability to lend a luxurious element without being too fussy.

linen panel window treatment
Source: The Old Painted Cottage via Houzz

Diffuse the light. A simple linen fabric panel is easily converted into a window treatment. If you aren't a seamstress by choice, simply hem all four edges and use drapery clips to attach it to the curtain rod. You can use extra swatches of the fabric to make and attach loops, and feed the curtain rod through them. Linen panels can also be used as ceiling drapes, creating a soft, billowing effect. When they are hung over light fixtures, the linen will diffuse the light into a soft, romantic glow.

libeco linen throw

Cozy decor. With fall on the horizon, it's time to look for the perfect linen throw blanket. They can be draped over your couch, favorite chair or the end of the bed to add a little color or pattern. They're perfect for snuggling in when watching a movie or catching up on your reading.

didriks libeco linen table runner

Table runners. Even a simple table runner can provide a hint of color and style, especially if you have a long table. It helps to break the space, and draws the eye to your center piece.

Linens by Didriks offers a wide range of linen fabric, bedding and accents to enhance the decor around your home this season.