Chairs and couches are the primary seating locations in most homes, but do you ever wish there was just a big, cozy floor cushion you could use to get comfy on the floor? Kids aren't the only ones who like to sprawl out and enjoy a posture change. That's why we love these Belgian linen floor cushions by Napoli Vintage.

Floor cushion

Here are three uses for linen floor cushions that will keep you buying more.

  • Movie night. Grab a cushion or two, as well as your favorite linen throw blanket, and you have the perfect nest building instruments for this weekend's movie night. You'll shock everyone when you say, "Oh, go ahead, honey. You can have my favorite chair..."

    Throw blanket

  • Beach days. Those Napoli Vintage people knew what they were doing when they designed these cushions. They predicted people would want to take them everywhere, so they built a handle right onto the side-seam. We envision colorful Belgian linen cushions dotting sandy shorelines around the globe.


  • Sporting events. Or, should we say baseball? These comfortable cushions will make that three hour game seems like nothing. Or was that the beer? Either way, you will certainly fidget less.

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