Linen upholstery and nailhead accents are a time honored tradition that never seem to go completely out of style. Whether you enjoy modern, French country or a shabby-chic decor, there is a way to include linen fabric and nailhead designs into a stylish design combination.

linen wall nail head
Source: sktzcbg via Houzz

Upholster the walls. We have written before about the ways linen can be used to wrap the walls in style. Using nailheads is simply icing on the cake. Linen-wrapped dining room walls can provide a homey, textured accent that will also help to muffle the clank of silver and china. Using nailheads around the border will help to bring attention to your linen wall coverings.

linen wall nail head
Source:  Yvonne McFadden LLC via Houzz

You can also use linen as a soft and cozy accent in your bedroom. This bedroom used bronze nailheads to create a paneled look on their walls. Bronze was a great choice as it has rich, warm tones that work well to offset the natural color of the linen fabric.

linen upholstery
Source:  Zuniga Interiors via Houzz

Up for a reupholstering project? Linen is a wonderful fabric for your upholstering project because it is durable and easy to clean. We recommend reusing some of your favorite linens, including bed sheets and table cloths, to transform dining or living room chairs from shabby to chic. In this bedroom reading corner, the linen upholstery, combined with a row of nailheads, and an antique reproduction chair are all about tradition.

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