Here at Linens by Didriks, we have a saying, "There's no such thing as too many luaus!" Okay, so that's not really a motto we live by, but we do think if you can't get to the islands, you should let the islands come to you. While tiki torches and pig roasts are fine outdoor affairs, there are a few things you can do to bring a island flair into your kitchen design. Waikiki Tea Towels. No need to worry about hula girl and palm trees appliques (unless you really are having a luau). The Waikiki tea towels by Libeco Home, have a simple design, infused with the colors of the islands. If you can't hang these kitchen towels on the back of your VW surfing van, you might as well do the next best thing and fold them over your oven door handle.

Image of towels

Beach Themed Table Cloths. To continue your Hawaiian Island theme, we direct your attention towards the Surfers Stripe Collection. Our designers were inspired by the designs on vintage long boards, and thought they would be an excellent way to infuse a summer linen line with beachy vibes. When you shake this tablecloth onto your table, you can almost hear the sound of the waves and the distant cry of seagulls. The colors blend perfectly with the Waikiki linen tea towels.


With our beach themed table linens and kitchen towels, you can enjoy hints of Hawaiian beaches in your very own kitchen, with nary a grain of sand in sight.