For thousands of years, linen clothing and bedding has been prized for its beauty, durability and, most importantly, comfort. Even if they couldn't describe it as such, the ancient civilizations knew that linen was a naturally thermo-regulating material. In other words, its insulating properties would keep you warm in the winter while its ability to “breathe” would keep you cool in the summertime. Libeco Wyoming Collection

This last property, extraordinary breathability, is what separates linen from all other fabrics and also what makes it an exceptional material for pillow cases, bed sheets and all other bed linens. While you sleep, linen sheets will allow moisture to escape, but still retain your body heat. It is a remarkable combination that will provide for a longer, deeper and more restful sleep.

Libeco Home Cheyenne Fabric 107" wide

High quality linen bedding is by far the superior choice for those looking for the most comfortable sleeping experience. It is dramatically better at regulating and maintaining a constant temperature under the covers when compared to cotton or synthetic materials such as rayon.

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