Cookies and traditional baked goods are iconic symbols of the holiday season. All that baking can make for a messy pastry chef without the right protection. Fortunately, Libeco Home makes linen aprons for every baking style. Make sure you order yours in time for your holiday baking, or buy them as gifts for the beloved chefs and bakers on your holiday shopping list. libeco linen apron

The Bistro Apron. If you like creating bigger-than-life creations, the Bistro linen apron is for you. The generous cut and loose fit means you are well protected from rogue flour and splattered cinnamon, while remaining comfortable enough to navigate the kitchen.

libeco linen apron

The Amherst Apron. The Libeco Home Amherst apron will add a spot of color with its red striped pattern against the light flax-colored background. You can match this apron with the Amherst tea towels and table linens for a complete set. The apron ties can be adjusted in the back, or wrapped stylishly to the side.

libeco linen apron

The Harbour Apron. Even though it's pre-washed for a soft, worn-in feel, the Harbour apron is actually the most durable of our Libeco Home linen apron line. It is 90% linen and 9% polyamide. The polyamide increases fire resistance and makes the apron less prone to grease stains (reads: great for use near hot ovens and wherever butter is being used in great proportions). It's long and has an adjustable closure on the back.

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