Summertime is the indoor-outdoor season, which means you need plenty of indoor-outdoor accoutrements to complement it. If we had to pick our favorite warmer weather accessory, it might just be the Longboard linen throw. It is made from durable linen fabric and is easily washed, so you can cozy up with it on your favorite living room couch, or your designated outdoor lounge. A Great Summer Throw

Curl up with a good book. While many of us don't get to enjoy the same summer holiday our children and teacher friends do, the summer season still maintains a more leisurely pace. When you're curled up reading a favorite book on your couch, the Longboard throw will keep you comfy, and protect you from the direct line of the A/C draft.

Bring it to the beach. Or the lake, or on a picnic. It folds up small enough to comfortably carry in a tote, and can be spread on the sand or a grassy meadow for a more comfortable landing pad.


Learn your constellations. Stargazing is at its best in the summer. Your Longboard throw will take the edge off a late night or early morning chill.

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