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Linen has been used throughout history because of its unique beauty and durability. recently highlighted some clever ways to use linen throughout your home:

  1. Upholstery: Linen resists spills and pilling.  It's a great fabric for frequently used furniture.
  2. Draperies: Linen drapes can be washed or dry cleaned and will last for years.

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  3. Bedding: Sheets and blankets made of linen are known for their softness and luxuriousness.
  4. Headboards:  These statement pieces look clean and simple when made from linen.
  5. Wallpaper: Add texture to any wall with some great linen wallpaper (also called wallcovering).
  6. Tablecloths: Whether you're opting for formal or casual, a linen tablecloth will always be appropriate.
  7. Napkins: Linen napkins get softer with use, so set them out with every meal.
  8. Placemats: Incorporate visual interest to dinnertime by using linen placemats.

There are multiple ways to use linens for the home.  No matter if you choose to use linens in the kitchen, the bedroom, living room, bathroom or anywhere else, they will always add an element of natural ease and sophistication.

What's your favorite way to incorporate linen into your home?



Image via Linens by Didriks