Are you in love with Belgian linen? Because we are! And, so is Country Living. They ran an article providing ideas for using linens to spruce up your home decor. Some of them even featured the Belgian line we carry here at Linens by Didriks. We thought we'd share some with you.  

linen pouches

Linen pouches. You can dress up your bath soaps for guests by wrapping them in colorful and decorative linen pouches. They can also be used to house potpourri, as re-usable gift bags, or to keep jewelry safe while traveling. You can purchase linen fabric and bows for this easy DIY project.


Libeco Linen-napkins-candles

Hemstitched napkins. Linen fabric is a wonderful choice for napkins. It presses and folds well, can be used for both casual and elegant events, and is easily washed between uses. The hemstitching on linen napkins from Libeco-Lagae adds a traditional and delicate look. You can also mix and match linens to complement your color themes.



Linen quilts. Quilts will never go out of style. Hand-stitched linen quilts are especially appealing. They are a lightweight option for fall and spring, when heavier quilts and comforters are overkill. Their ability to be gently washed and dried allows you the freedom of curling up with one on a garden bench, as well as your favorite chair. Best of all, they can be passed down for generations.

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