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Commonwealth Cambridge, Revisited

Around TownTaryn

Recently, we shared with you a preview of a new Kendall Square restaurant, Commonwealth Cambridge. This past weekend, we got to give the new spot a try, and are here to share a quick snapshot of the menu with you! As a new restaurant, there are always a few hiccups, but the one thing that's hardest to change is the food. I'm happy to report that almost every bite we tasted was quite good! The food was all well executed - meats cooked well, everything seasoned properly - and the serving pieces were clearly hand-picked. From mini Staub cocottes to cast iron pieces to stark white dinner plates, everything was different yet blended harmoniously to create a truly unique setting. Here's a snapshot of the bites we tried!

Bread at CommonwealthComplimentary bread. Buttery and rich and completely indulgent, and served with soft whipped butter. Truly as good as it gets.

Roll The Dice cocktail at Commonwealth

"Roll The Dice" Cocktail - Bartenders choice based off of your favorite type of spirit. This one had gin, lemon and bubbles, and was flavorful and refreshing.

Oysters at CommonwealthIsland Creek Oysters, served traditionally with cocktail sauce and mignonette. Sweet and fresh - such a treat!

Mussels at CommonwealthPEI Mussels with garlic, red chili and parsley. These were juicy and tender, with a wonderfully fragrant and flavorful broth.

Short rib at CommonwealthPineland Farm Beef Shortrib. Served a la carte, and paired beautifully with our chosen sides of sugar pumpkin and farro. Melt-in-your-mouth texture and incredible flavor. Definitely recommended!

Whipped sugar pumpkin at CommonwealthWhipped Sugar Pumpkin. Lighter-than-air texture with a sweet, buttery flavor. Completely divine!

Farro at CommonwealthFarro, prepared simply, with a nice chew to it. Wonderful as a more basic side to go with your vegetable of choice.

Roasted Chicken at Commonwealth1/2 Roasted Crystal Valley Chicken in a delightful pan sauce. Expertly prepared, and incredibly flavorful. If you're going to order chicken out at a restaurant, this is the place to do it!

Overall it was a lovely evening. I'm excited to go back in a couple of months to see even how much more they've grown, but right now I have a pretty good feeling about their long, successful future.

Have you visited Commonwealth Cambridge? What did you think?