Mojitos are always a winning summer drink. They're bubbly, fresh and bright, and always refreshing. One of the best things about mojitos is that they come in many varieties - a classic mojito is always delicious, but when you add in fruits and other flavors, they can get pretty fun and creative.

Strawberry Mojito

Cocktail ingredients in an Alessi Cocktail Shaker, ready for muddling

Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito on a Chilewich Dahlia Placemat

For our spring mojito, we decided to use strawberries. Since they're almost in season, it's a fitting cocktail here in New England, because soon strawberries will be plentiful, and there's little more delicious than juicy berries picked right from the field. Except maybe a cocktail made with those berries...

Shown here in a Match Pewter HighBall Glass with a Cocktail Stirrer, you can see that this cocktail makes an impression. If I made it again, I'd cut back on the berries - they kind of dominated the glass - but it sure makes for a great presentation!

Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito from White On Rice Couple

Ingredients 1.5 ounces simple syrup about 3 fresh strawberries about 4-5 fresh spearmint sprigs soda water 1/2 lime 2 ounces of light rum

Directions 1) In a chilled pint glass or cocktail shaker, muddle the simple syrup, strawberries and mint leaves together with a muddler. Crush the strawberries and mint leaves well, to release their flavors.

2) Squeeze the juice from the lime into the glass with strawberries and mint, add the rum and stir well. Transfer to your favorite cocktail glass, then fill with ice and top off with soda water.

3) Garnish with mint sprigs and/or strawberry slices, and serve!

Makes 1 cocktail.