After just finishing up a Spring Cocktail Series, we thought it might be helpful to share a list of our favorite barware essentials. Armed with these tools, you can master the art of crafting fine cocktails - and impress not just yourself, but your friends and family! Here's to hosting the best cocktail party around this summer! Channel Knife/Zester Perfect for cutting decorative citrus peels, a channel knife/zester is an absolute essential. Citrus is an aromatic, but also adds the perfect kiss of flavor to your favorite cocktail. Great options include the Rosle Zester with Canelle or the multi-purpose Rosle Vertical Channel Knife (pictured)

Rosle Channel Knife

Juicer So many cocktails are made with fresh-squeezed citrus juice - especially refreshing summer cocktails - so this item is an absolute must. Whether you go the simple route with something like this handheld Rosle Citrus Reamer (pictured), or the more elaborate hands-free Alessi Electric Citrus Squeezer, you'll never value a cocktail purchase more. Plus you can use both of these tools for many other recipes besides cocktails!

Rosle Citrus

Shaker For all those cocktails that call for being shaken, not stirred, you'll need one of these. Options range from the simple, like this Schott Zwiesel Boston Shaker, to the more complex, like this Alessi Cocktail Shaker with a built-in strainer.

Alessi Cocktail Shaker


Strainer If you're making a cocktail with muddled ingredients, or one that gets shaken with ice before serving, then a strainer is imperative. To strain out any unsightly flavoring additions or extra ice, simple enlist the help of a Alessi Ettore Sottsass Bar Strainers  and you're good to go. Looking for something a little less fancy that can also serve as a multi-purpose kitchen tool? Then you should give the Rosle Fine Mesh Kitchen Strainer a try.

alessi strainer

Ice Bucket Anytime you're serving drinks to a crowd, or planning to entertain away from the kitchen, an ice bucket is really helpful. Especially during the warmer summer months, you never want your drinks getting warm! We love the new Simon Pearce Woodbury Ice Bucket, which adds some style and flair to this otherwise practical item.

Simon Pearce Woodbury Ice Bucket

Jigger For some cocktail recipes you don't need to measure, but for those that you do, you'll rely on a jigger for precise execution. This particular Match Pewter Jigger is elegant and refined, and yet still serves it's purpose well. Your guests won't ever have seen such a sophisticated measuring tool!

Match Pewter Jigger

Stirrer Earlier I mentioned cocktails that are shaken not stirred, and for those a shaker is imperative. But if you're crafting a cocktail that merely needs a quick stir, then a stirrer will do the job. With an extra long handle, this Match Pewter Cocktail Stirrer can reach to the bottom of your deepest glass, to carefully combine the ingredients in your cocktail without agitation or over-mixing.

Match Pewter Cocktail Stirrer

Muddler This tool is necessary for any drink recipes that call for muddling fruits and/or herbs or other flavorings. With the Rosle Fruit Muddler, just toss your flavoring ingredients into the bottom of your cocktail shaker and muddle away. The muddler allows fruit juices or intense herbal flavors to be released, resulting in an dynamic, delicious and satisfying cocktail.

Rosle Muddler

Glassware Last but not least - you can't serve up your favorite cocktails without the appropriate glassware for serving. There's a particular glass for every style of cocktail, but generally your favorite glass will get the job done too.