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Knife Care and Storage: Infographic

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A couple of weeks ago, we published our first infographic called Know Your Knives. Today we're back with the second installment - Knife Care and Storage! In this graphic, we briefly run through options for knife sharpening and maintenance, and then also ways to safely store your knives. Read on for more details!

Knife Care and Storage Infographic

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Knife Sharpening and Maintenance

There's nothing worse than a dull knife, and not just because it's lost it's edge. A dull knife is actually more dangerous than a sharp blade, because it's blunt and clumsy, and can do a lot of damage that way. To stay safe and keep on slicing, make sure you get your knives sharpened regularly, and in between sharpening, maintain the blade yourself.

  • Professional sharpening: available at some kitchen stores, or by dedicated knife sharpening professionals. Using a variety of tools and knife sharpening machines, these professionals can grind down your blade to remove any imperfections, and create a brand new sharp edge.
  • At-home sharpening: if you’re feeling ambitious, you can purchase at-home sharpening tools and follow the manufacturer instructions. At home tools can either be electric, or can involve some sort of manual sharpening mechanism, like a whet stone.
  • Sharpening steel: once you’ve gone through the steps to sharpen your knife, using a sharpening steel regularly can help keep the molecules along your blade aligned, prolonging the sharp edge.

Knife Storage Options

  • Knife guard: A simple plastic cover that slides snugly over your knife blade, and keeps it from getting scratched when storing knifes in a drawer, or amongst other kitchen tools. Best to use for stray kitchen knives that aren’t stored in a more permanent way.
  • Knife block: A large unit made for housing multiple knives. Generally made out of wood, these storage units feature several different-sized slots for your knives to fit into. You can also get a magnetic knife block, which allows you to “attach” your knives to the exterior of the block, eliminating the guess-work required with a traditional knife block which hides blades from view.
  • Magnetic Knife Strip: A magnetic strip designed to be attached to a kitchen wall, which can hold all of your kitchen knives magnetically. This option is best for those looking to optimize space and keep their counter-tops clear.