Hi-Rise Spring Dinner: The Menu

We've already shared with you the table setting from our Hi-Rise spring dinner, but today we've got something even more exciting: the menu! Hi-Rise Bread Co. owner Rene planned and prepared the entire menu for the dinner, which was delicious from beginning to end. Given the springtime theme, he chose to feature a variety of in-season produce, including asparagus and rhubarb, which he incorporated into the main dish and dessert. Read on for the menu, but don't blame us if you're drooling by the end!

Champagne and gougeres

The night started with champagne and Gougères. Plenty of bubbly was consumed as everyone enjoyed these delightful little cheese puffs.

Rene prepping salads

As guests took their seats, Rene and his sous chef were busy in the back preparing the first course...

Plated beet and orange salad

...a Roasted Beet Salad with orange segments, served over a bed of arugula with homemade vinaigrette and pecans. The simplicity of this salad won me over - it seemed so basic yet so tasty, packed with different flavors and textures. Definitely a wonderful way to start the meal.

Salads set on the table

Quinoa rolls ready to plate

As guests worked through their salads, they were again busy in the kitchen, plating up these Eggplant Quinoa Rolls.

Plated quinoa roll

Served with a vibrant red pepper sauce and a cilantro garnish, these rolls were surprisingly flavorful, and such a delight to eat. I've never enjoyed quinoa more! Our vegetarian guests got an extra serving of these, and I admittedly was very jealous.

Quinoa rolls set on the table

Lamb leg on the grill

The star of the meal was a Leg of Lamb, rubbed with plenty of rosemary and garlic, and then cooked on the grill to impart a mild smokey flavor. The result was a wildly flavorful and juicy piece of meat - and for a non-lamb-lover, I was shocked at how delicious it tasted.

Rene presenting grilled lamb leg

After Rene presented the finished lamb leg to the table, he got to work slicing it up to serve... using an Epicurean cutting board from Local Root, of course!

Rene carving the leg of lamb

Plated lamb, potatoes and asparagus

The lamb was served with roasted potatoes and sauteed asparagus - simple accoutrements that brought the whole dish together.

Plated main course

Rhubarb tarts in the making

For dessert, one of the Hi-Rise pastry chefs made us some Fresh Rhubarb Tarts, with brown sugar and almond cream.

Rhubarb tarts in the making

Rhubarb tarts fresh out of the oven

The finished tarts were served at room temperature, garnished with a large dollop of crème fraîche. The rhubarb imparted a slightly tart taste, but cooked into the brown sugar custard and buttery tart crust, it was a delightful and balanced dish. The perfect way to round out this springtime meal!

Plated rhubarb tart with mascarpone

In addition to each of these courses, there were also wine pairings hand-picked by Rene, and a special port opening "ceremony" of sorts at the end. It was a fun evening, and everyone left full and happy.

During the planning of this meal, we were delighted to learn that Hi-Rise has plans to do more dinners like this in the future. Their bakery space is perfect for entertaining, and we're excited to see what they do with it!

A big THANK YOU to Hallie's Flower Garden for the gorgeous flowers that adorned our spring dinner table, and of course to Hi-Rise as well for welcoming us into their space and serving such a fantastic meal. We're already looking forward to our next event!