We first learned about Farmers To You a few weeks ago, when their sales and communications representative Simeon Chapin stopped into Local Root during a neighborhood visit. He was scoping out the area to secure a new pick-up site for the twice-weekly food delivery program. Once Simeon started telling us about the company, it was clear they'd be a great fit for the area - and we were excited to learn more!

Farmers To You

The Vermont-based food delivery company - a 'mobile farmers market' - essentially operates as a partnership between Vermont area farmers and Boston area families, where both parties are committed to building and maintaining a sustainable regional food system. The  Farmers To You team has built up an impressive group of farmers and producers where they source their products from, and then make available to consumers across the Greater Boston Area. Products include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables,  dairy, meat, grains and more, and change weekly depending on what is available and in-season.

Farmers To You

Last week, Simeon and his crew opened their newest pick-up location, just outside the Cambridge Montessori Middle School. I was able to stop by and see what their set-up is like, and had a chance to speak further with Simeon about the program. The Farmers To You team makes the trip down from Vermont two days a week - Wednesdays and Thursdays - in their big box truck full of pre-orders, as well as some additional a la carte goodies available for consumers to purchase on a whim. Had I known those extras would be coming, I'd have brought along my wallet! A raw dark chocolate bar and some really delectable pizza dough caught my eye. I tasted a Northern Spy apple, still fresh from Vermont, and learned that with a some special storage techniques, they actually have fresh apples available to consumers all winter long. It's just one small example of how they are making fantastic, fresh, locally farmed food available to our city.


With more than 10 pick-up sites in the Greater Boston Area (and more to be added in the future), and the option to use Metro Pedal Power to have your weekly goods delivered right to your home or office, this program is a really great option for busy city families that have a high standard for the food that they purchase and consume.

Farmers To You

If you're interested in learning more, visit the Farmers To You website. There you'll find more details as far as pricing, the order minimum, and what's available right now. We're looking forward to working with Farmers To You sometime in the future, and welcome them with open arms into our local community!

Photo credit: Farmers To You