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Knife Sharpening Guide for Boston/Cambridge

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For those of us who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, dull knives are a frustrating reality. Even the best knives lose their edge over time, but it's unlikely that you've got your local knife sharpener on speed dial. Many people don't know who to go to with their dull knives, or even what stores and individuals offer such a service. To take the pain out of your search for a knife sharpener, we've compiled a list of local knife sharpeners in the Boston/Cambridge area. All of the listed vendors do tremendous work, and can satisfy any and all of your knife sharpening needs. Have a vendor not listed here who you'd like to recommend? Let us know!

Local Root - The Kitchen Store

Local Root - The Kitchen Store, Observatory Hill Cambridge Recently opened, Local Root - The Kitchen Store is your source for all things related to the kitchen. In addition to selling an impressive collection of cookware, pots and pans, bakeware, kitchen knives and cooking utensils, they also offer knife sharpening of any straight-edge kitchen knives with a 24-hour turnaround time. The service is quick, simple, and most importantly - effective. You'll leave with knives that are good as new, without having to replace a single one.

Stoddard's Cuttlery

Stoddard's Cuttlery, Newton Out in Newton is Stoddards, a cutlery shop that also offers a host of knife sharpening services. Using up to 8 different stones, they will sharpen any blade to perfection, correct improperly sharpened knives, and fix broken, bent or chipped knives as well. All of their work is done exclusively by hand.

Adam Simha

Adam Simha - MKS Design, Cambridge Located in Cambridge, Adam Simha of MKS Design is another unique addition to this list. In addition to sharpening knives, Adam also makes and designs knives. As a product of his craft, he can repair and modify knives that have been bent or broken, or that have chipped edges, and he also does knife handle replacement.

One The Edge Knife Sharpening

On The Edge, Traveling in Eastern Mass On The Edge Knife Sharpening is a unique addition to the list, because it is actually a traveling business. Owner and knife sharpener Patti Small hails from Central Mass, but you can find her at markets all over Eastern Massachusetts. She specializes in hand-sharpening kitchen knives, but also sharpens a variety of other tools including scissors, dog grooming shears, garden tools, hunting knives and more. She uses a whet stone, ceramics, and different types of polishing stones to get your knives looking great and gliding through anything.


Kitchenwares, Back Bay Boston In Boston proper, you'll find that Kitchenwares by Blackstones in Back Bay is a great option. Kitchenwares offers knife sharpening in addition to a wonderful selection of cookware, bakeware, and kitchen utensils. At their Newbury Street location, they will sharpen your kitchen knives with just a one day turnaround.